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Not Before Tea

Not Before Tea is a British children’s lifestyle brand, based on the Adventures of Sherb and Pip, a story written by Henry Patterson when he was 10 years old (now 15). The book sold thousands of copies when it was first published in 2014. Not Before Tea, launched in the same year, is the fastest growing children’s lifestyle brand in the UK. The collection, beautifully illustrated by artist Becky Down, is based on characters from the book including Vera Vole, Sherb the Owl and Billy the Cat. Henry’s story has been in the press at home and abroad including Forbes magazine, the world’s biggest business title. He has also made several television appearances. He was the youngest person ever to be interviewed on CNBC’s breakfast business show Squawk Box, he was named One to Watch by the Independent and he appeared on The One Show with Richard Branson. Not Before Tea has a growing number of celebrity customers and fans, who all love the enchanting story.

A charming plush toy of the main mouse himself; Pip. Velvety soft with a hand knitted jumper and tweed shorts.Pip is ready to have adventures with a new little friend.

High quality velvet soft fabric
CE Tested for safety
Suitable from birth
Machine Washable (hand washcycle)

Size: 40cm
Weight: 227g

Pip the Mouse & Friends are characters from the much-loved story book The Adventures of Sherb and Pip. This is a traditional tale of Pip and Sherb the Owl, who live in a sweet shop called Not Before Tea. The book and characters were created in 2014 by British author and entrepreneur Henry Patterson, when he was just 10 years old. The award winning collection of baby and children’s gifts ​are enjoyed around the world

These soft plush booties feature the delightful Pip the Mouse. In a unisex grey, perfect for new born – 3 months.

Delivered in Organza Bag
Machine washable
Velvety soft
Cuffs to keep on

The stretchy cuff insures that they stay on whilst keeping little feet warm. Delivered in an organza bag, they make a perfect gift.